miniHIL Glossary

This page provides a glossary of the most important terms all around miniHIL. More details can be found in the reference documentation.



Actor - A structural component of a ROOM model.

ActorClass - A structural component of a ROOM model.


Behavior - An Actor’s behavior in ROOM is modeled as a hierarchical finite state machine (FSM).

Binding - Connects two ports in a ROOM model.


CaGe (Case Generator) - Model based test language and tool to define, generate and run test cases for real-time systems.


DUT - Device Under Test.


eTrice - Eclipse based Real-Time Modeling Tool. eTrice provides an implementation of the ROOM (Real-Time Object-Oriented Modeling) modeling language together with editors, code generators for Java, C++ and C code and target middleware. eTrice is used in the miniHIL projects for the structural integration of simulation and test Actors, as well was for modeling event-driven behavior with state machines.


FSM - A finite state machine.


GUI - Graphical User Interface.


HIL - Hardware In the Loop: tests performed with the real hardware using special hardware to generate test stimuli and measure outputs

HTerm - Windows Terminal Program for communication and test via serial interface (RS232).


MSC - Message Sequence Chart. Diagram showing the (a)synchronous message interchange of components.


Port - Instance of a particular protocol in an actor.

Protocol / ProtocolClass - Interface definition for asynchronous interfaces in ROOM.


ROOM (Real-Time Object-Oriented Modeling) - Language implemented by the eTrice Modeling tool. ROOM was developed in the early 1990s for modeling real-time systems. The initial focus was on telecommunications, even though ROOM can be applied to any event-driven real-time system.


SAP (Service Access Point) - An SAP in ROOM enables the access to a ROOM service if connected to an SPP.

Simulator - The miniHIL H7 processor and software responsible for simulation the system controlled by the DUT.

SPP (Service Provisioning Point) - An SPP is an interface which provides in ROOM a service to a connected SAP.

State Machine - Short hand for Finite State Machine (FSM).

SUT - System Under Test.